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  • Callanetics in Triple Slow Motion

    Posted on August 18th, 2016
    Callanetics in Triple Slow Motion

    The movements in Callanetics are tiny, delicate, gentle, and precise. They are done very slowly, as I have always said 'in triple slow motion'. Think of Callanetics as meditation in motion. In this way you reach deep into the body to work the large muscles, as though working through them layer by layer. Never jerk and never bounce. Know how tiny one quarter to one half of an inch is. Measure it! The movement is a pulse. If the direction calls for 25 repetitions, think of it as 25 pulses. Do that amount of movement slowly and gently. Only when you are aware of the smallness and gentlesness of the movements, are you ready to do Callanetics correctly. You will find your muscles will perform at the level they are best able to do. Don't be upset if you have to take frequent breaks or if you can only do a few repetitions at first. You will be surprised at how much stronger you will become in very little time.

    Callan Pinckney

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