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  • Callan's Slender Secrets

    Posted on August 18th, 2016
    Callan's Slender Secrets

    Callan had many tips to share to help you reach your goal. Here's the first of Callan’s Slender Secrets. You can print the prompt card at the end of the article to keep with you as a reminder.


    Callan says:
    “You can do Callanetics anywhere. You need nothing - just a sturdy chair or other
    piece of furniture. And your imagination. You don’t perspire. You don’t have to change
    clothes. No shoes. You need nothing.”

    Callan Suggests:
    If you are a stress eater, the office can be a deadly place for a diet.

    To reduce stress, give yourself a break - even if you have to escape to the bathroom
    to do it. Take several deep cleansing breaths, then s-t-r-e-t-c-h your body all over,
    using some of the moves you have learned in your Callanetics program. Take several
    more deep breaths, then go back to the task at hand refreshed.

    Eating in? If you eat at work, avoid eating at your desk. Find a quiet place to have
    your lunch away from your workload. Or switch desks with a co-worker so you can
    both have a place to eat away from work. This helps break the habit of thinking of
    work and eating as going together.

    Surival kit for your desk: Keep healthy items handy for emergencies: fresh fruit;
    fat-free granola or fruit bar; popcorn; pretzels or other healthy, low-fat snacks;
    indivdual packets of your favorite fat-free salad dressing to take with you
    when you eat out.


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