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  • Callan's Slender Secrets Part 2

    Posted on August 18th, 2016
    Callan's Slender Secrets Part 2

    For our second in the series of Callan's Slender Secrets, Callan talks about the Living Room / Den. You can print the prompt card at the end of the article to keep with you as a reminder.


    Callan says:
    “Quit whinning about your figure. Put on some comfortable clothes and get to work on your body.”

    Callan Suggests:
    Just because you are relaxing at the end of the day doesn’t mean you need to become a couch potato. This is, for many of us, the time we are most likely to go off our diets.

    Make it easy on yourself: always have healthy snacks around for those times
    when the munchies take over and you need to crunch on something besides your fingernails.

    • Crunchy/sweet: Cereals (low- or non-fat); anisette toast; ginger snaps; animal         crackers (unfrosted); plain meringue cookies.

    • Crunchy/salty: Air-popped popcorn; raw vegetables with fresh salsa; pretzels;  rice cakes; breadsticks.

    • Chewy: Bagels; fig bars; angel food cake; dried fruits.

    • Cold: Fruit sorbet; Popsicles; non-fat yogurt (regular or frozen); ice milk, sherbet; fat-free pudding.

    • Remember: Moderation; too much of a good thing is still too much!


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