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  • Callan's Slender Secrets Part 3

    Posted on August 18th, 2016
    Callan's Slender Secrets Part 3

    For the third in our series of Callan's Slender Secrets, Callan talks about the Kitchen. You can print the prompt card at the end of the article to keep with you as a reminder.


    Callan says:
    “I feel the way to have a healthy body is to do Callanetics to get the body strong and
      shapely. Eat right. Drink lots of water. And do cardiovascular exercise, like walking.”

    Callan Suggests:
    Cut the fat you eat and you’ll cut the fat you carry. Concentrate on high fiber,
    low-fat foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes and other complex

    Cooking Tips:
    • Instead of cooking fish in oil, choose lemon or lime juice or wine and poach
       instead of fry.

    • Instead of butter or margarine for basting, choose olive, canola, or safflower
       oil for basting (these fats have some beneficial effects on blood cholesterol).

    • Instead of fatty sauces such as tartar sauce, melted-butter, or mayonnaise for fish,
       choose lemon or lime juice, horseradish, tomato salsa, low-sodium soy sauce
       flavored vinegars, or vinaigrette dressings.

    • Instead of cold cuts for sandwiches, choose roasted turkey or
       chicken breast.

    • Instead of ground beef in tacos, taco salad, ravioli and lasagne,
       choose shredded chicken breast or ground turkey.


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