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  • Callan's Slender Secrets Part 4

    Posted on August 18th, 2016
    Callan's Slender Secrets Part 4

    For the fourth in our series of Callan's Slender Secrets, Callan talks about the Bathroom. You can print the prompt card at the end of the article to keep with you as a reminder.


    Callan says:
    “Throw those scales away! They are ridiculous. We are maniacs with numbers. When
    you are doing Callanetics, the scale can show weight gain because muscle weighs
    more than ‘flab’. Don’t get stuck on numbers. You will look magnificent.”

    Callan Suggests:
    To feel good about yourself while you reshape your figure, pamper yourself:

    • Smile!

    • Carry yourself proudly. You are taking care of yourself and deserve to feel good about who you are.

    • Always dress well, no matter what your size.

    • Get a beauty makeover and free makeup tips at your favorite department store cosmetic counter.

    • Take time for yourself...take a luxurious, soaking bath...get a manicure and pedicure… get a facial, or give yourself one...get a a good book...write a letter to a friend.

    • Write twenty-five reasons why you deserve to be pampered.

    • Write twenty-five reasons why you deserve to be a thinner you.

    • Keep these lists and review them. Add to them, when you are feeling a little discouraged.


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