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  • How Easy Is It To Make Changes?

    Posted on August 18th, 2016
    How Easy Is It To Make Changes?

    How Easy Is It To Make Changes?

    By Callan Pinckney.

    I'm just too tired. I hear that all the time (and have often said it myself). But there are two different types of fatigue: weariness, when your vitality and creativity, your inner energy, seems to have drained all away; and fatigue, when you are physically exhausted from lack of sleep, illness, poor eating, stress, overwork, etc., etc., etc.

    With our hectic lives, it's so much easier to blame our problems on fatigue, when what's really bothering us is weariness. If we keep trying to resolve the problems in our lives-work, love, family, health, the leaky faucet in the kitchen-and never seem to get anywhere, we get weary with the frustration of it all. Taking care of everyone else and leaving no time for ourselves provoke even more frustration.

    That's where Callanetics comes in. Take five, ten, fifteen minutes for yourself to practice Callanetics, and you've taken the first step to bring some relief from fatigue and weariness into your life. As you gain strength in your muscles and watch your body gradually and painlessly transform itself, confidence that has long been eroded begins to return, and frustrations seem to melt away. Exercise does that. It gets rid of tension without any negative side effects whatsoever. All the results are beneficial. The happiest people I know have a sense of purpose in life and in their goals. If you're feeling alone and unhappy, it's so easy to give in and say, well, What does one more day of bad eating and bad habits have to do with anything?
    If you stick with Callanetics, your body will change shape, your energy will increase, and your motivation to stick to a regime will not leave you as so many other programs have before.

    If you've like so many of us and have used the wrong strategy to get thin- deprivation dieting without exercise- you're probably frustrated (and hungry). Callanetics exercise will help you shed your deprivation mentality and gradually shift priorities until you look forward to exercising. Just one hour of Callanetics can be so rejuvenating because you feel the results every time you exercise. The exhaustion and discouragement of deprivation dieting will be replaced by an amazing sense of accomplishment. The more you do Callanetics, the more you learn how to listen to your body, how to be aware of what a wonderful creation it is.
    Equally important, when you perform Callanetics you will learn how to know when to stop. You can learn to do the same thing when you eat, and when you find yourself unable to escape from all the stresses bombarding you in daily life.

    Best of all, there's never an excuse not to do Callanetics. If it's snowing you don't have to worry about going out in the cold. If there's a heat wave, you don't have to worry about getting overheated. If you only have fifteen minutes to spare, you can do an abbreviated yet deep-working routine. If you've had knee or back problems, you won't have to worry about injuries. You see results so quickly that you won't get discouraged. Callanetics works for everyone.

    Extract from "Callanetics Fit Forever" by Callan Pinckney.

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