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  • Power of the Mind

    Posted on August 18th, 2016
    Power of the Mind

    There is little dispute these days that the mind and body are totally interconnected; and I am truly thankful for that. Some people seem to be born with a natural talent for controlling their bodies through the mind; others learn it with a great deal of effort; still others don't have a clue about what it means.

    Whether scientifically provable or not, the mind can have such power over the body as to alleviate pain and help heal physical conditions. The converse is unfortunately even more common- the mind can also create pain and disease. Back problems are no exception. In fact, there are some very reputable practitioners (including medical doctors)who strongly believe most back pain (as well as other pain in the body) is induced by the mind and can therefore be eliminated by it. In my own teaching experience, I had students who came in with skeletal and other body problems that I discovered were subconsciously brought on by them. I came to this understanding because the problems would clear up when I dealt with them in an encouraging, caring, positive manner.

    Relaxation and visualization are ways to tap into the subconscious. Meditation is one way to practice relaxing. It's also an excellent stress-reducer; it allows you to quiet the mind, which in turn can soothe and heal the body. It is a known fact that meditation can control such autonomic nervous system functions as blood pressure. There may be real value in employing meditative techniques for stress- related back problems. This doesn't require elaborate or mystical measures; it can be accomplished by closing your office or kitchen door, sitting erect, closing your eyes, consciously relaxing every part of your body, and shutting out all interference. In this state, you can visualize anything you want; for instance, if you want your back healed, see and feel that it's being healed.

    Extract from CALLANETICS FOR YOUR BACK by Callan Pinckney

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