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  • What Is A Beautiful Body?

    Posted on August 18th, 2016
    What Is A Beautiful Body?

    What Is a Beautiful Body?

    There's no such thing as the Tooth Fairy, and there's no such thing as a perfect body. But Callanetics can help you have a better body-a body you're proud of.

    Having a beautiful body means different things to different people. One may be that you look good, in or out of clothes. Another- and I like this one especially-is that you spring out of bed in the morning, eager and ready to face the day, instead of feeling so tired that you tell yourself, "I'll just lie here for five more minutes." It means having an energy, an aliveness, that makes you ready to participate in life, not just drag yourself through it. Having a beautiful body does not mean conforming to a given set of measurements. But no matter what your body type or level of fitness, you will see improvements with Callanetics. Dangling, "gooshy" skin doesn't look good on anyone, and no one has to live with it.

    To get an idea of what Callanetics can do for you, start by identifying your body type. As you may already know, there are three basic types, called somatotypes.

    Ectomorphs are naturally lean and tend to have rather angular features, long arms and legs, and narrow joints. They usually have a low ratio of body fat to muscle. Callanetics will help this type of body add definition and shape to the muscles.

    Mesomorphs do not carry weight in any one particular place on the body. They are constitutionally strong, fairly compact, and usually have well-developed muscles. Their muscles, however, tend to droop and sag with underuse or age. Callanetics can tighten and  "lift" them back into place.

    Endomorphs are proportionally shorter-limbed than either of the other two. They tend to have wider hips, larger joints, and a higher ratio of body fat to muscle. They also tend to put on weight easily. Callanetics can reshape this body type by pulling in and tightening muscles. Weight will be carried better, and dieting may not be necessary.

    Your body type is constant; that is, no amount of dieting or exercising will change it. It is determined by your genes. But the important thing to note here is that unworked, out-of- shape muscles don 't belong to any of these body types. Personally, I don't care what type my body is, as long as it is tight, shapely, and powerful.

    The good news is that Callanetics can affect most of the areas people consider "problems," like the size and shape of the legs, buttocks, hips, and waist, and the tightening of jiggly, slackened skin under the arms and elsewhere.

    One of the first things that improves is posture. After doing the exercises for as little as one hour in total, you will actually see and feel a difference. This is because almost all the Callanetics exercises stretch the spine as the muscles contract. The neck area and the area between the shoulder blades gently loosen, and it becomes easier to pull back and stand more erect. The neck begins to look longer, and this can actually make you appear taller. Larger- framed people can look smaller because as the muscles get stronger and the body pulls up and in, body contours become sleek and tight. Even if you are already thin or work out regularly, Callanetics can enhance your appearance by tightening your muscles more than you dreamed.

    Since the joints are supported and moved by groups of muscles on either side, strong muscles will make for strong joints, less susceptible to dislocation or ligament injuries. You will find that as your muscles get stronger, you can perform a wide variety of activities with a new- found ease and grace. Your step will get lighter. When teaching, I can gauge my students' progress as they arrive for classes. When they walk down the long hallway to enter the studio, I cannot see them-but I can certainly hear them. Beginners sound like a herd of buffalo as they stampede their way in. Several classes later, they are light as deer.

    Callan Pinckney

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