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  • Work with what you have...

    Posted on August 18th, 2016
    Work with what you have...

    Most women view their bodies as flawed . When someone comes to me for her first class, I ask her to stand in front of the mirrors and look objectively at her body. (I ask students not to wear tights - black tights hide multitudes of sins - or chic, belted leotards. I want them to wear something comfortable, yet revealing.) I ask her, "What would you like to change? What is it that you do not like about your body?" With nine out of ten of my students, the flaw they think they see is not a flaw at all.

    Don't be tricked into thinking that everyone else you see is "perfect" and you are not. Work with what you have. There is always room for improvement. No one has a so-called perfect body.

    Every day I meet women and men who are depressed about their bodies. Many can't see how lovely, or potentially lovely, their bodies are.
    It is harder for me to get a student to give up a negative self-image than it is for me to teach her how to exercise. I help my students to erase those false images that have been with them since their teens. I teach them how to see their bodies realistically and to stop chasing the impossible, retouched dream.

    Callan Pinckney

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