Callanetics has a rich history of genuine results, royal approval, celebrity endorsements and doctor recommendations. Scroll through our testimonials below to see why they believe in Callanetics.


Barbra Streisand

Singer and actress

“Thank you for teaching me how to keep it up!”

Sarah Ferguson

Duchess of York

“You simply must try it. I promise you, you will feel ten years younger in ten hours. I’ve tried everything, believe me. All the fad diets, the pills, the lot. But all that is very bad for you. Now I Just eat healthily and practice Callanetics.  It’s wonderful. It works. You absolutely must try it.”

Trinny Woodall

British TV presenter and author

“I learnt Callanetics 30 years ago and I still think it’s great. When you see my stomach at its best, it’s from the training of doing this for so many years.”

Kylie Minogue


“I always loved aerobics and I used to do Callanetics, which was ridiculously hard. I’d travel everywhere with this Callanetics home workout on a VHS tape and put it on in hotel rooms.” 

Elle Macpherson


“I stay fit by running and a bit of Callanetics”

Evening Magazine, Philadelphia

Kathie Lee Gifford

American talk show host

“When I’m brushing my teeth…I do my Callanetics!”

Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda

Kimberly Wyatt

Singer, actress, Pussycat Doll

“I personally love hot yoga and Callanetics with my husband.”

Nigella Lawson


“I just can’t do exercise. Every cell in my body cries out for me to stop. But that routine called Callanetics, which I did in front of the TV, it was really good — I could even wear miniskirts.”

Melanie Sykes

British TV presenter

“Gosh I used to do that in the early nineties! Amazing results.”

Katy Cassidy

American actress

“I want to be as authentic as possible with my role. I actually ended up with three different trainers. I had a boxing trainer – a fighting trainer – then a weightlifting trainer, and then I did Callanetics.”

Shelly Long

American actress

“Although Callanetics is probably a less strenuous workout than some, it feels right for me. I’m better able to concentrate my efforts without waste or injury.”

Gillian Taylforth

British actress

“Over the years, I’ve built up routines around what part of my body I want to work on, so I’ll do Callanetics if I want to firm up my bum.” 

Sheila Ferguson

Singer, The Three Degrees

“If I feel stiff, I do Callanetics. I know the video by heart, but I still put it on and get my mat out. I do Callanetics for 40 minutes every other day, as I like to give my muscles time to relax.”

Lorraine Keane

Irish TV presenter

“I have been doing Callanetics for 10 years now. It gives you an intensive muscle workout without getting short of breath. It’s great because you can do most moves while you are pregnant and also after you have the baby.” 

Jane Holderness-Roddam

British Olympic Gold Medal Horse Rider

“A course of Callanetics could make all the difference to how well a rider is able to perform on a horse.”

Fitness For Horse and Rider


Michael C. Fossen, D.C.

Longmont, Colorado
“I have found Callanetics to be a superior exercise fitness program, and I highly recommend it to my patients.”

Liz Henry

Registered Physical Therapist, New York City Ballet
“I feel Callan’s regimen can be very helpful in most cases of back pain due to postural dysfunction.”

Roger R. Tangeman, Jr., D.C.

Spokane, Washington
“I strongly endorse this method of rehabilitation for those who suffer from chronic musculoskeletal problems.”

David N. Olson, D.C.

Cardiff, California
“The Callanetics program is not simply an exercise program; rather it is a form of rehabilitation for spinal injuries and disease.”

Reuben S. Ingber, M.D.

Physiatrist, New York City
“The posture muscles, the deepest layer of muscles, are important in joint stabilization. Maintaining them in their most relaxed state (stretching), then strengthening them by slow controlled movements will help avoid the stress syndromes and excess joint compression problems. I endorse this method from a medical vantage point.”

Dr. Pasquale Luongo

Chiropractor, New York City on “Callanetics for Your Back” by Callan Pinckney
“This book is a must for people with back problems. It is filled with practical information, encouragements, and a deep empathy for the difficulties others may have.”

Alexis Phillips

Instructor of Massage and Clinic Supervisor, Swedish Institute, New York City, and Co-Director, Soma seminars and workshops in massage
“Callan is allowing people who are suffering from back problems alternative modalities.”

Deanna Lynn Weeks, D.C.

Escondido, California
“Several patients have reported decreased pain, and increased mobility after a single one-hour session.”

Peter P. Farmer, Jr., M.D.

Carlsbad, California
“Both as an emergency physician and as a sports enthusiast, I recommend the Callanetics program without reservation.”



I love callanetics because it helps me have great curves Lol

Yeyko Higa


I love it because IT WORKS!!

Danna Green


Low impact exercise with BIG results!

Beth A Kageyama


Callanetics- it’s credo of my life!

Marina Apelsina


Callanetics has given me my life back.

Angie Farrell


I believed in it so much I became a teacher of Callanetics…….and the results just keep giving to so many different shapes!

Harriet Donnelly


I love it because it’s no impact and it works. It has helped me drop 50lbs.

Jolela TiSandra Stinnett


I LOVE Callanetics! I had results so fast and so dramatically when I started the program, I was accused of having plastic surgery!!!

Toni Michelle


I love this! Serious strength building without the bulk my body seems to like to build with other exercises.

Kimberly Hansen


It works and is relaxing to do! No matter what other exercises I do, I always come back to Callanetics.

Linnie Stuart


I used Callanetics when it first came out in UK…still got the book….it’s the most relaxing way to work your body.

Margaret Stout


Callanetics has given me control, flexibility and a shape that I have never had before and didn’t think I could have in my 60’s. It has become a very necessary part of my life.

Juanita Sutherland


I love Callanetics because it helps me look and feel more confident. I feel more youthful and vibrant, it helps me to relieve stress and it’s easy to keep up with just about anywhere I want.

Nancy Bergmann-Forbes


I love Callanetics because I feel the best when I am doing this program. It really works and you don’t need an expensive gym membership or equipment to get results. Thanks for developing this system.

Cherie Duggan


Callanetics is the only exercise I could do for a long time because of my back problems. I love, love, love it and recommend it to all my friends and family. It works and gives results!

Claudia Verdejo-Cook


The best videos ever. I have bought tons of video programs over the years and none of them are as good as Callanetics. Great results with minimal time.

Paula Yohe


I am 37 and started Callanetics when I was 15. My Mom had the book. I now have to book. It’s the go to workout. Amazing results. Amazing feeling when you’re done. A timeless workout.

Billie Hoskins Cassimatis


I love Callanetics, cause it’s nearly the only way to keep my body in shape with the Lipedema. After a few years I started it again and I see results.

Simone Schwanert


I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and during treatment and surgery I was able to do Callanetics. It made me feel better, helped me relax, and took my mind off things. I’ve been cancer free for about a year and still do Callanetics.

Odaila Araiza


It works. I keep buying the DVDs (used to buy the VHS) and hand them to friends and family. I love Callanetics. Makes me feel good all over, and keeps my 50-year-old self feeling pretty spry. I have, over the years, tried a few other things, but always return. Callanetics is a life saver.

Andrea Leigh Youngman


The best exercise ever! I’ve been working out for 30+ years and I haven’t found anything that is better or compares. Not only do I achieve the results I’m looking for, it’s a great stress reliever, better than Yoga. I have always and will continue to recommend Callanetics to everyone I know.

Sharon Ehrlich


When I do Callanetics I can still be a lady while doing it (no grunting as one would do with, for example, weightlifting). The beautiful flowing moves allows me to become one with the exercise. It is a wonderful meditative, toning form of exercise and it is good for my soul!

Michelle De Gavino Dias


Callanetics has not only been great for my body, but has done amazing things for my mind. It’s amazing how after a long hard full-time day at work, then coming home to take care of children, these exercises just help me unwind, and relax to get a sound full night’s sleep! I love being able to fall asleep right after, or how it gets me going first thing in the morning before work!

Kerry Ann Bruno


I love doing Callanetics every day because I have an RA on my feet, lower back, and hips. While other exercises put me into tears because they cause pain, Callanetics is the only exercise that I can do every day without reducing me to tears. For me it is either move it or lose it and Callanetics makes it possible for me to keep on moving! Thank you, Callan, for creating this wonderful exercise.

Harriet Nesuki


I am almost 62 years old. I have been doing Super Callanetics since the books and tape became available in the 1980’s. Although I injured my back in an accident in 2003, and had both lumbar and cervical fusions, I still do Super Callanetics – with no strain on my neck or lower back! And I still wear a size 4 petite. I am constantly asked why I haven’t “aged”. Whenever possible I spread the gospel of Callanetics!

Karen Lea Plant


I love Callanetics because as a larger lady, I struggled to find an exercise regime that would help me tone up and become stronger without pushing myself to extremes. I took my time and have lost 2 stone with healthy eating and 3 times weekly Callanetics. Thanks to Callanetics, I feel strong and womanly with more confidence and better posture. Callan Pinckney was a legend. I can’t thank her enough for my new body!

Emma Burke


I LOVE Callanetics, because it works! Without it I would not have been able to keep my skin toned during weight loss. It has inspired me all my life. I watched my mother do it as a child, and now my children see me doing it. I have been able to strengthen my back and improve my posture. I have been able to show others how it has lifted and tightened my body, and the huge confidence boost it has given me. I will be using Callanetics for the rest of my life.

Jess Smith


I love looking at least ten years younger and feeling at least 20 years younger. I enjoy seeing my jawline again, the youthful way my body moves through space, the fact that with regular practice of Callanetics I am just a little tighter, ever-so-slightly more toned and incrementally stronger every day. The meditative quality of these lovely pulses calms my spirit. Callanetics is my passion, my favorite past time. I like the idea that I’ll be stronger and healthier at 60 than I was in my 30s. What’s not to love?

Susan M. Winters


I ruptured two discs in my spine and was told after 2 months of traction and 4 months bed rest that multiple surgeries and a wheelchair were most likely my future, however the surgeon had heard about Callanetics and told me to give it a try, I purchased the video and it saved my life! I lost 35 kilograms, cured the constant acute back pain and have never looked back or been near the surgeon again. This was 25 years ago and I am stronger, fitter, and slimmer than I was at 20 now going on 50, all thanks to Callanetics.

Bev Shaw


Couple of years ago, I went through Lyme disease. Since that I have not been able to do any active sports like aerobics or jogging. It makes me feel exhausted and dizzy. I love Callanetics because it made my active life possible again! It is just the right exercise for me. Plus, when I do Callanetics, I watch myself in the mirror as recommended by Callan. It is because I want to be sure I am doing the exercise well. But another result is that by watching my body I discover how beautiful it is!

Rumcajzna Jarkova


Talking of gifts. Callan was one of those women born to give a gift to the world. A gift from the heart, not for the fame or the money, but because she had something that she knew could change people’s lives, change their pain, their disabilities, their anguish through gentle healing and strengthening of the body. She had a charm and grace from a bygone era.

Hayley Louise Aplin


Callanetics saved my life and renews my spirit as well as my body…I have been doing Callanetics for over 25 years and it continues to be the only workout that enables me to stay fit at my own pace. I was paralyzed at 19 and although I got movement back in my legs my spine was severely damaged. Even after two spinal fusions I am able to utilize the exercises in Callanetics and get quick results and flexibility that is challenged daily with spinal stenosis and degenerative bone and joint disease. Thank You Callan Pinckney – I will continue to enjoy my Callanetics workouts because it continues to make me stronger, leaner, more flexible and, just as Callan promised me years ago, 10 years younger!

Deborah Pollinger


I was introduced to Callanetics several years ago while trying to tone up and get in shape for my wedding. Looking in the mirror was depressing, I was huge! A friend suggested I try Callanetics, as I had only had my second child, by c section, so she knew I needed something that really worked, and worked fast. I have to admit to feeling skeptical that it would work. All those other exercise methods hadn’t so why would Callanetics. However, I was willing to try anything as time was running out till the big day. After only a class or two I started seeing changes, big changes, I couldn’t believe it, it worked. Even better was that I had finally found “the exercise method” for me, so I knew I would be a lifelong fan and follower and would never be out of shape again. Callanetics not only helped me for my big day but gave me something far more important, a way to be fit and healthy for myself and my family. Thank you, Callan, for creating such a wonderful way to stay in shape!

Avril Baird Murphy


I had been in a very serious car accident, (T-boned at 100 mph) it took me three years to recover, when the doctor finally gave the ok to start doing things physically I didn’t know where to start. I had a friend from England who had been using Callanetics, had dropped a ton of weight and looked fantastic. I knew she had some back, hip and leg problems, but was able to do Callanetics. I asked about the exercises. Watched a clip of one of her videos. I did a lot of reading on Callanetics, and decided to buy the original book. I was using the Callanetics to gain strength on my left side. I have partial paralysis from the accident. When I began to see results after a month and a half, I decided to order the original video, and have been using it for years to maintain my weight, and keep my left side from ever being that bad again. I can now say I can lift a gallon of milk, open a door, and do every day normal things with my left arm. I do not trip over my left leg either, I have full movement of it now.

Erin Yvonne Mendez-Amador


I absolutely love Callanetics because it helped me be more confident about myself when I was a young teen. In middle school I hated myself. I wore a lot of boy clothes because I didn’t like how heavy I was. Being Norwegian and Lithuania it is in my genetics to be heavier set and I was so discouraged. I was never social because I thought people thought I was fat. One day my mom pulled out her Callanetics tape and told me to try it because it worked for her. So, I was determined to make an effort even though I hated exercising. After a few weeks of following the tape I felt better. I looked toned and started to see my hourglass shape that I had never seen before. I was able to run a mile without stopping and breathing really hard. I ran so well I was in the top 10 runners whereas before I was in the 60s. It gave me the ability to love myself and hold my head up high! I still do Callanetics (going on 12 years) and recommend Callanetics to everyone because it was so positive in my life!

Tiffany Martinez


I discovered Callanetics 20+ years ago. At the time, I was an actor. During the run of one of our shows, we had a lot of time backstage before our next entrance. All of the women in the production would get together and do Callanetics! By the end of the 5-month run, my body transformed from “mushy” to firm. I felt so much better about myself. With my newfound confidence, a few years later, I moved to NYC. I continued to do the exercises and acquired a video cassette from a friend. I did it every day and felt great. Life was great and I gradually stopped doing the exercises. Flash forward to now. I’m starting to feel “mushy” again. I belong to a gym, but have been traveling a lot and need something I can bring with me. I don’t have my VCR anymore, so I am relying on my copy of the first book. I’m seeing the results again. Thank you, Callanetics!

Sharon Sharona DiCostanzo


Callan’s work has stood the test of time. Quite simply nothing else compares – if what you’re looking for is EXCELLENT results in record time. Discovered her book just after my 2nd daughter was born in ’85 & thrilled when her first video came out in ’86. Whipping my body into better shape than pre-pregnancy in amazingly quick timing – so quickly in fact it was easy to take for granted. Ventured off into trying other things out of curiosity but eventually always disappointed not getting the same kinds of results despite more effort. Pretty sure I’ve bought or tried EVERY trend that’s come out in the last 27 years – NONE have garnered the same kind of results. Not even close. Trained/certified/ taught Pilates for a while, but ultimately found it to be less effective. A severe car accident a few years later – Callan is the one who helped heal my back making me strong again. In the end I always come back to what works best. She was before her time in many ways – a true mind/body exercise before anyone coined the phrase. Challenging to be sure, but on completion it’s the same feeling of relaxation as after a massage. My hour of hanging with Callan is an act of self-love.

Callan’s personality was an old-world charm and grace not often seen today. A real LADY in every sense of the word. Sweet, gentle, encouraging. She was tiny but her strength was apparent (pelvic rotations still fry me to this day!) Her cuing and articulate instructions spot on – also hard to find in other programs. And let’s just be blunt – a completely BANGING body for a woman of ANY age. What an inspiration. Truly regret I never took the opportunity to meet and train with her – she was really one of a kind.

Can’t count how many different times I’ve bought her books and vids over the years – loaning them out not seeing them again (you know who you are!) LOL – happy to share though – the gift that keeps on giving. This and future generations could benefit from some ‘ole school genius

Kc Layne


Callanetics has changed my life! I started as a teenager, doing original Callanetics, sometimes with friends, holding our own “class” in the living room, laughing at each other’s attempts at Pelvic Scoops and doing our utmost to be “like wax, melting into the floor”! Many years later, now in my 40s, I dabble with other types of fitness but always return to Callanetics. I have lost count of how many VHS copies I have bought over the years as I either lent out copies that were so loved by others they never found their way back or because twice I actually wore the tape out! Thank God for the advent of the more resilient DVD!

Callanetics makes me stronger, leaner & more flexible than any other form of fitness I have encountered & does not exaggerate when it promises you will feel 10 years younger in 10 hours! Today, I can say that not only has Callanetics given me a stronger, healthier body but also many fond memories of those fun-filled “classes” with dear friends.
After all these years it is still definitely a challenge……and I have yet to perfect the Pelvic Scoop!

Alison Shardelow


I have been doing Callanetics since about 1987, when there was only a book. When the videos were released, I got them. I am CONVINCED that Callanetics is the reason I am fit and flexible despite being morbidly obese (due to steroid therapy for a lung issue). It is also the reason that I, as a 44-year-old woman, function well in my martial arts classes. I have a better split and a higher kick than some people who are in their teens! I also have sciatica, scoliosis, and lordosis, plus one leg that is shorter than the other. Callanetics helps alleviate the pain and difficulty walking that this combination of issues can cause.

When I was in a car wreck in 2005, Callanetics was a big part of my recovery process. My left leg was very stiff and moving it or putting weight on it was painful after the wreck (even though I didn’t have any broken bones). Callanetics helped me work it back to full functionality and helped eliminate the pain of movement.

I have introduced dozens of people to Callanetics because it works! One day, I want to become an instructor. But right now, I just invite friends over to do the Beginning or Original video with me.

Wendy Griffin Anderson

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