Tiny Movements Big Results!

This unique program has been helping people achieve the best shape that they can be for over 4 decades!

Celebrity Testimonials

“When I’m brushing my teeth…I do my Callanetics…you go up on your toes and you scrunch your buns…I do a hundred of them…that wakes you up!”Kathy Lee Gifford, Talk Show Host - Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda
“You simply must try it. I promise you, you will feel ten years younger in ten hours. I’ve tried everything, believe me. All the fad diets, the pills, the lot. But all that is very bad for you. Now I just eat healthily and practice Callanetics. I work out every day and then I just have fruit for breakfast. I first learned about Callanetics before Callan was famous. It’s wonderful. It works. It worked for me anyway. You absolutely must try it. The Callanetics book is my bible.”Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York - Daily Express
“If I feel stiff, I do Callanetics – an exercise program created by Callan Pinckney in the early ‘80s. I know the video by heart, but I still put it on and get my mat out.“Sheila Ferguson, Singer - Daily Mail
“Although Callanetics is probably a less strenuous workout than some, it feels right for me. I’m better able to concentrate my efforts without waste or injury. To get the most out of Callanetics, you have to be totally in touch with your body. I don’t consider myself an expert, but I’m still learning.”Shelley Long, Actress - Shape Magazine
“I stay fit by running and a bit of Callanetics.” Elle Macpherson, Supermodel - Evening Magazine, Philadelphia
“Callanetics is a very useful and successful technique concerned primarily with firming and toning the deep muscles of the body, particularly those around the buttocks and thighs. It is particularly successful for those whose figure has become out of shape and flabby. A course of Callanetics could make all the difference to how well a rider is able to perform on a horse.” Jane Holderness Roddam, Event Rider Fitness for Horse and Rider
“I just can’t do exercise. Every cell in my body cries out for me to stop. But that routine called Callanetics, which I did in front of the TV, it was really good — I could even wear miniskirts!” Nigella Lawson, Chef - Sunday Times
“I became a lover of Callanetics in the 80’s living in NYC while working in Paris and London as a runway and print model for Elite, Wilhelmina and Ford. I could not believe how quickly I lost inches with Callanetics without doing cardio. It was my fast, go-to remedy during the couture shows for Valentino, Chanel etc. Callanetics impressed me so deeply due to its effectiveness.” Tara Shannon, Supermodel

Callanetics Results

I LOVE Callanetics! I had results so fast and so dramatically when I started the program, I was accused of having plastic surgery!!!Toni Michelle
I love Callanetics Serious strength building without the bulk my body seems to like to build with other exercisesKimberly Hansen
Callanetics has given me my life back Angie Farrell
The best videos ever! I have bought tons of video programs over the years. And none of them are as good as Callanetics. Great results with minimal time. None of the so called gurus and their videos ever gave the results.Paula Yohe
Couple of years ago, I went through Lyme disease. Since that I have not been able to do any active sports like aerobics or jogging. It makes me feel exhausted and dizzy. I love Callanetics because it made my active life possible again! It is just the right exercise for me. Plus, when I do Callanetics, I watch myself in the mirror as recommended by Callan. It is because I want to be sure I am doing the exercise well. But another result is that by watching my body I discover how beautiful it is! Rumcajzna Jarkova
CALLANETICS saved my life and renews my spirit as well as my body…I have been doing CALLANETICS for over 25 years and it continues to be the only workout that enables me to stay fit at my own pace. I was paralyzed at 19 and although I got movement back in my legs my spine was severely damaged. Even after two spinal fusions, I am able to utilize the exercises in CALLANETICS and get quick results and flexibility that is challenged daily with spinal stenosis and degenerative bone and joint disease. Thank You Callan Pinckney; I will continue to enjoy my CALLANETICS workouts because it continues to make me stronger, leaner, more flexible and just as Callan promised me years ago 10 years younger! Deborah Pollinger


Callan’s work has stood the test of time. Quite simply nothing else compares – if what you’re looking for is EXCELLENT results in record time. Whipping my body into better shape than pre-pregnancy in amazingly quick timing – so quickly in fact it was easy to take for granted. Ventured off into trying other things out of curiosity but eventually always disappointed not getting the same kinds of results despite more effort. NONE have garnered the same kind of results. Not even close. Trained/certified/ taught Pilates for a while, but ultimately found it to be less effective. A severe car accident a few years later – Callan is the one who helped heal my back making me strong again. In the end I always come back to what works best. She was before her time in many ways ~ a true mind/body exercise before anyone coined the phrase. KC Layne
I found the Callanetics book on a shelf at a friend of mine; I think I was around 17 to 19. I tried some of the exercises right away and I felt that is so much harder than it looked like. I was fascinated by Callan’s life and her development of the program. Everything seems so simple-made, but the exercises are demanding and it is the only program I am always coming back to. Thanks Callanetics! Isabell Mende
Callanetics has changed my life! I started as a teenager, doing original Callanetics, sometimes with friends, holding our own “class” in the living room. Now in my 40s, I dabble with other types of fitness but always return to CallaneticsCallanetics makes me stronger, leaner & more flexible than any other form of fitness I have encountered & does not exaggerate when it promises you will feel 10 years younger in 10 hours! After all these years it is still definitely a challenge……and I have yet to perfect the pelvic scoop! Alison Shardelow
Callanetics is the only exercise I could do for a long time because of my back problems. I love-love-love it and recommend it to all my friends and family. It works and gives results!Claudia Verdejo-Cook

Medical Professionals Agree

The posture muscles, the deepest layer of muscles, are important in joint stabilization. Maintaining them in their most relaxed state (stretching), then strengthening them by slow controlled movements will help avoid the stress syndromes and excess joint compression problems. I endorse this method from a medical vantage point.Reuben S. Ingber, M.D., Physiatrist, New York City
I have found Callanetics to be a superior exercise fitness program, and I highly recommend it to my patients.Michael C. Fossen, D.C., Longmont, Colorado
Both as an emergency physician and as a sports enthusiast, I recommend the Callanetics program without reservation.Peter P. Farmer, Jr., M.D., Carlsbad, California
This book is a must for people with back problems. It is filled with practical information, encouragements, and a deep empathy for the difficulties others may have.Dr. Pasquale Luongo, Chiropractor, New York City
Callan is allowing people who are suffering from back problems alternative modalities. Alexis Phillips, Instructor of Massage and Clinic Supervisor, Swedish Institute, New York City, and Co-Director, Soma seminars and workshops in massage
The Callanetics program is not simply an exercise program; rather it is a form of rehabilitation for spinal injuries and disease.David N. Olson, D.C., Cardiff, California
Several patients have reported decreased pain, and increased mobility after a single one-hour session. Deanna Lynn Weeks, D.C., Escondido, California
I strongly endorse this method of rehabilitation for those who suffer from chronic musculoskeletal problems. Roger R. Tangeman, Jr., D.C., Spokane, Washington
I feel Callan’s regiment can be very helpful in most cases of back pain due to postural dysfunction. Liz Henry, Registered Physical Therapist, New York City Ballet
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